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 D & D Sporting Goods! offers firearm transfer, ammo, special order pistols, rifles, shotguns, and any hunting supplies you need.  What started out as James and LaDonna DeLaho's hobby has now become their passion.  This passion has evolved into a business and they are delighted to share it with you. Their love for hunting drives them and what they do. 


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Rifles, shotguns, special order pistols, ammo and all hunting supplies for your hunting needs.



 D & D Sporting Goods! We hold a Type 1 Federal Firearms License.  If you purchase a firearm online, D & D Sporting Goods can receive the firearm and log it,  check the buyer (through the database) and then transfer the firearm to the buyer.

We are also certified for transfers.

This week sale items


ATN LaserBallistics 1000

Range Finder    $250.00


.257 Weatherby Mag Vanguard Used

 8-32x50 centerpoint scope. 45 rounds of ammo and 60 rounds brass. Kenthrol muzzle brake          $550.00 


Winchester XPR 300

 Winchester XPR 300 wsm Nikon 3-9x40 scope          750.00 

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